Establishing an agile network in a distributed enterprise - Reiner Kühn (#003)

The United Internet AG and the incorporated firms (like e.g. 1&1) have almost 7.000 employees in more than x countries.
About 2.000 employees are working in development, operations, and data centers. They are mainly located in offices in Karlsruhe, Munich, Montabaur, Berlin (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), US, UK, and Spain.
Since three years, we are constantly working on creating and maintaining a network or community of all interested in agile. Currently, we have identified more than 200 colleagues.
One impression: Twice a year, in spring and in autumn, we organize a two day internal conference, 1&1 Project/Agile/Scrum/Kanban Days. In March, on our 5th event, we had over 120 attendees, 15 sessions, 12 open spaces, 3 Pecha Kuchas. Feedback: This conference can compete with payed conferences!
In my presentation, I want to explain what we started, what we stopped, what we continue and what is still in our idea backlog. One secret I already can reveal: It is really challenging…

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