Good Software Design Facilitates Flow - Adrian Bolboacă (#009)

Good software desing can make a company flourish. Bad software design can kill a company in years.
Often we hear in practice from the software development teams phrases like “this cannot be done that fast becase I need to change here and there and everywhere”, “I do not know how much I need to change to add this feature”, “this is much more complicated”, “I cannot split this into 8h tasks” and the list could go on forever. For me this is a sign of bad software design.
I will explain how tightly related good software design practices are with the batches of work that a development team can take. The clearer and simpler the design is, the easier it is to split work into small batches and facilitate flow.
But we have bad design, what can we do? The answer is incremental improvements for the code, with small improvement tasks focused on the areas in the most need.
How can we do these things? Attend my talk and you will find out techniques and ideas on how you can optimize your flow by simplifying your software design.

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