Ask the neighbors first - Markus Andrezak (#012)

In my neighborhood all the time, new stores open up ... and close again. I know they will close soon again before they even open. I also know which ones will survive. That's not because I am clever. everyone knows. Sometimes I feel said for them and would like to tell them, or even hand them a hundred euro bill in an envelope and say 'open your store someplace else, it is a good idea, but it won't work here'. All they would need to do is: Ask me. But they don't.

In the internet it's the same. people try to do stuff. They open up right away, without asking people before. That's nearly as sad as what's going on in my neighborhood. And even less necessary to happen.

Lean startup even tells them they're right and you can pivot your product to success. The cheapest way is to reduce risk before building stuff.

The PK will show that analogy.

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