COMPASS for Continuous Delivery - YILMAZ GULERYUZ (#010)

The main challenge strikes when you strive to establish focus on continuous-action; without overcrowding by detailed project plans or organisational borders, and by avoiding counter-productive forces like micromanagement. You want to get things done by embracing uncertainty, and establish a balance of autonomy and collaboration. Speed has no value, unless it is continuous. Continuity won’t help, unless it contains coherence and consistence. COMPASS* is an enabler framework with a mission for establishing directional continuity. It acts like a container, a reliable reference point. Often used as an invisible wrapper, a common framework, whereby you can nurture autonomous team culture. I’ve oftentimes used it as an effective enabler when constituting new ways of working, and introducing new practices.

In that session I will:

  • Talk about "The Five C’s of COMPASS: Cycle, Checkpoint, Craftbox, Continuity, Collaboration -- Elaborate with practical examples as an enabler of Continuous Delivery
  • Explain the mechanics and applications, blended with set of Lean techniques
  • Share about some customer stories who has been experimenting with COMPASS

* Disclaimer: “COMPASS is a discovery thru practice, not from theory!

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