Fibonacci Pairing: Learning through Collaboration - YILMAZ GULERYUZ (#011)

According to many researches, we learn the best when we experience it personally, and we comprehend when we teach to someone else.

So if you want to achieve ample understanding of a topic, you’ll need to follow these basic steps: “Listen -> Observe -> Do -> Share”

Fibonacci Pairing is simple yet very effective technique that can improve team work.

Pair-programming is a well-known practice, and it has been introduced by one of the thought leaders of Agile world, Kent Beck. I respect any technique that encourages collaboration and interaction among teams, and gets teams to communicate better.

However, if you want to establish understanding, of mastery or a skill-set, and increase the shared knowledge across your team members, you will need to re-think & apply new techniques.

In this talk, I’ll share about What-Why-How of "Fibonacci Pairing" technique, which is yet another discovery from practice. The main goal of that technique is to establish understanding and improve collaboration, without overcrowding by artificial ways like lecturing.

This technique should be regarded as a complementary way to improve team work effectively. We will elaborate with practical examples, real life experiences, and applicable ways onto different contexts.

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