Seeing power - Using Visual Management methods in Agile - Egor Sviridenko (#013)

We live in an interesting age of many opportunities and risks (don’t we?). Some of us may even happen to face the challenge of trying to apply Lean and Agile methods and culture in the context of large and complex structures. Whatever the context - we don’t have to let the growing data-flow and work complexity overwhelm us - we can be smarter, we can hit back. Ever thought about marrying Visualisation with Lean/Agile project work you are doing? And wait that their baby will be pretty? Visual Management is what we can call a set of knowledge, skills and tools for working with data visually. So that we can See, Understand, Show data to your colleagues and customers, and Act on it better. Using these skills and tools enables one to see - who may be overloaded in the team, when it is most critical to plan people resources for delivering new functionality, which project areas are currently at risk, where do we have potential delays, which are hidden dependencies between work items.. Insights like that could be easier gained at each organisation level and with each type of data. So that we spend less times in meetings, need to see fewer reports. So that we can be someone who can see and act faster. Come and join this TED-like talk, meant to introduce you some knowledge and skills, and inspire with examples from projects, which we can later discuss in an Open Space, and share experience.


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