“What the hell is agile ?” – a question often asked by Non-IT people - Kristina Müller (#015)

Regarding to people who are asking me “What are you doing” I describe my job in different words. Every time when I am speaking about agile to Non-IT people they ask me “What the hell is agile?”. Nice question ;)
My answer: I would then describe our culture and how we handle our daily work, how we make mistakes and why we like that, that we play table tennis and table soccer and of course how we deliver value to our consumers and customers in daily business. In the IT and product department we are using Scrum, Kanban, Lean and Projectmanagement.
Reaction from Non-IT-People: Wow! I would like to work this way too.
I would like to share with the audience how we are helping in IS24 to become an agile company. I will talk about implementing Agile in Non-IT departments, about agile Trainings – where we failed, where we learned and what we learned.


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