Ewa Gowin and Izabela Gozdzieniak - Because Kanban is something more than just a board and limits (#016)

Imagine a big e-commerce company that has just started getting benefits from transition into agile. Business and IT cooperate closely, scrum teams work effectively and deliver new features for on-line users more regularly. One of the rocks that slows down the flow is cooperation with intrastructure teams which don't use scrum. What do you do then? Choose a methodology that fits their way of work and give a chance to be more compatible with the rest of the company. Choose Kanban, impose new rules without coaches and lean managers, just boards and limits without understanding and work transparency for the rest of the company. As time went by it was more and more obvious that something went wrong so we were asked to help ITO to improve their kanban. At that time we were agile coaches working with Scrum teams just barely knowing how to handle Kanban, but we wanted to try. This is the history of disappointed teams, inexperienced coaches and our joint way to get to better Kanban. We will tell you what happened in the ITO department, and between scrum and kanban teams, from our point of view. We will show you the hard way of introducing Kanban after the implementation of mechanical kanban practises. We would like to share with you mistakes we’ve made, lessons we’ve learned, improvements we’ve implemented and successes we’ve achieved.That is the story of changing first the coaches’ and then the people’s mindset.


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