The law of learning entropy - Marcin Floryan (#017)

You are a developer, a manager, coach, maybe a ScrumMaster,... the bottom line is - you work with software. You're coming to the conference because you recognise the importance of keeping up to date, to meet people, grow your network, share knowledge... I often hear people come because they want to learn new stuff. Great! Our industry is increasingly recognising the value of continuous learning, we talk about building learning organisations and describe software development as knowledge discovery process.
Yet, partly thanks to the ultrasuperpower of our cognitive biases, we create an illusion of learning where there actually is no learning. We need learning organisations and they start with learning individuals and more often than not we fail at this first hurdle.
Join me to explore some common misconceptions about learning, discover examples of failures to learn at a grand scale and what we can all do, as individuals, to make sure that the permanent bombardment of our sensory inputs results in meaningful connections in our neural networks.


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