Implementing Shared Leadership in Technology Organizations - Walid Farag (#019)

In today’s world market conditions are becoming harder. Planning the future in terms of revenue and profit is mere a useless activity. Moreover, goals and tasks are so complex and massive that formal leaders find themselves overloaded and overwhelmed.Formal leaders become in many times bottleneck and this reduces performance and flexibility.

Sharing authority became an unavoidable management practice. Shared Leadership is a modern and exciting way of leadership and management. It means sharing authority within a team of leaders. The goal is to maximize the use of all capabilities and ideas.
Shared Leadership has, however, different models and applications. This presentation covers the definition of shared leadership and why it is essential followed by a definition of an integrated Shared Leadership model.
The presentation presents the relationship between agile culture and Shared Leadership.
The presentation goes further with the preconditions of a successful application of Shared Leadership and what can and cannot be shared.
Then a fast overview of the frameworks applying Shared Leadership will be presented. The last part presents a first case study of applying Shared Leadership Lean Framework. More info here:
It covers the context, challenges and pains of a business. Then it will present some issues and approaches of introducing Shared Leadership such as perceptions of experts and leaders, viewpoints of top management and how to develop a portfolio network within the organization. The option of changing the organizational structure will be presented.

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