Lean Thinking meets Neuro Science - Dr. Klaus-Dieter Dohne und Dr. Bernd Müssig (#020)

Companies which already have managed to think “lean” are verifiable more successful than companies without lean management. Integrating a lean culture offers a tremendous chance to question common behavior and used working patterns in order to find new opportunities and drive business.
Often lean management is understood as a collection of methods and standard techniques, bringing success to companies who manage to force their employees to follow those rules rigorously and in all aspects of their work. But lean is much more: lean is a holistic approach to change the organization’s culture and their understanding of business processes.
That’s why one of the most important, but usually undervalued, resource is “human attention”, when you want to succeed within your lean transformation. While everyone focuses on minimizing waste within production, or even within development, the waste of human attention usually will be ignored.

Human attention as limited resource:
The ability of humans to pay attention (deliberate or unconscious) is limited by biological properties and influenced by different criteria.
Our activity and our way to act and react is determined by our available energy to focus on a certain topic – our attention. But there are many incidents which tear away or use this energy in such way, that we are not able to use it to focus anymore.
For example, if an employee’s relationship with the manager is unstable, if there is pressure within a team or if the employees desire for personal development and team appreciation is not fulfilled or unbalanced.
“Lean Thinking” means to search and find the perfect conditions, where the limited resource of the human’s attention will be used for the company`s objectives and processes in an optimum way, without wasting it. Additionally “Lean Thinking” also means to support an environment in which learning cycles are established and new problem solving routines can be developed.


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