Kanban – Promoting Planning Accuracy of Agile Projects in Regulative Environments - Marion Wittmann und Prof. Dr. Claudia Hirschmann (#021)

System development in regulative environments, e.g. medical systems, rail transportation, financial systems or IT security, have to comply with standards and norms and respond flexibly in highly volatile markets at the same time. Agile methods are helpful in this context. But teams point out that one must grapple with issues such as missing or inadequate transparency of complex workflows. Delivery dates are significantly affected by waiting time, not only by processing time.
In our lecture we will pick up problems, stated by agile teams, and introduce the integration of a few Kanban elements with Scrum. This leads to a significant improvement in regulative environments compared to a pure Scrum-based approach.
Examples for a useful integration are visualization of complex work flows through Kanban boards or reduction of waiting time by introducing WIP limits. WIP limits therefore reduce cycle time. At the same time they help improve quality, throughput and, flexibility with respect to requirements changes. We will demonstrate this correlation in a short game.


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