Lean Product Management by FriendScout24 - Gosia Schweizer (#022)

From Waterfall to Scrum to Kanban: What are the main challenges on the way and when you and your team arrived

1. Loosing people on the way is part of the game: Be prepared to lose 50%+ of your team.
2. New games rules are not clear as usual: Team member of an agile team have always more the one job and often almost all jobs to do: PO can be scrum master, scrum master UX manager & UX Manager PO. Collaboration is more than just pushing & pulling finished concepts all the time.
3. It is extremely hard to find “right” agile PO: He/she has to be from the beginning to the end responsible for whole discovery & development process. Join strong business view with leadership & user understanding competences.
4. Prepare a whole toolbox to support your team: Lean Cycle, Agile Strategy Map, Kanban board, Opportunit Assesment, Product Coucil, Product Performance Dashboard…
5. Be prepare for a though time with your top management: Change is a process, it takes time. And one of the biggest challenges of this change is empowerment. Your Management has to understand and be prepared to give up the control of the most important part of their company.


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