Communication boost by visualization - Kasia Mrowca (#033)

Problems with communication? Misunderstandings between team members and customers connected with the way the functionality should work? There is a cure for that! “A picture is worth a thousand words” and how many words can be represented by diagram? A lot more! If you want to boost your communication, come and learn how to use visualization methods!
When you want to translate requirements from business to common (tech-savvy) language (and vice versa) use schemas! When you want to effectively communicate in multinational environment – use schemas too!
Say goodbye to ‘misunderstandings’ & learn how to use diagrams/mockups/story boards to communicate effectively.

What you will learn:
1. Visual benchmarking - how present solution alternatives in graphical way
2. Diagrams - why we not should stick to notation
3. When and why use not-pixel-perfect mock-ups
4. Use cases - try to draw them as storyboards

Type: interactive with exercises


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