Leading creative collaboration to make ideas and people grow - Jens Hoffmann (#038)

Leading creative collaboration is first of all about people and not so much about processes and tools. Leading starts with „You“. Your understanding of what you are leading and for what are you standing for. This workshop is for you, when you want or have to lead into unchartered territories and aspire to create new ways, services or products. This can be sometimes messy and frightening. We want to explore together how to nurture your inner strength, how to lead from different angles and powerful tools available to you.

In this experiential workshop we will explore:
- Leadership with a clear voice, even when we don't know the way
- Inspiring and engaging people by listening and powerful questions
- Creating and sustaining a collaborative work atmosphere
- Giving feedback to grow and nurture future leaders

This experiential workshop will give you a framework to understand, what differentiates leadership from management and some fundamental insights on how to create and maintain a space for creative collaboration and building new things.

The workshop is highly experiential with brief introduction of useful frameworks: we focus on practical skills and embodiment of the core concepts.


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