People Are Awesome! - Wiktor Żołnowski (#037)

There are beliefs about people that allow us to explain why people behave that way or another. Those beliefs can even help us explain why we are like we are.

If you are Agile Coach or Coach you probably know that:

People always make the best choices.

People always have good intentions.

People always work the best they can.

Change is inevitable.

Yes, we can change and we are changing all the time.

We always get what we ask for.

Everything what happens has some meaning.

Everyone is a teacher.

There are no mistakes.

Everyone is an expert in his own life.

In a last few years I had an opportunity to work with, teach, coach and observe around 1000 people. This ten believes always help me to understand what happens in organisations, why people behave like they behave, what does it mean that “organisations are systems”, and finally - why do I act this way and how can I change it?

This inspirational presentation will show you how you can use some of this in your work and life.


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