The Leadership Gap - Pawel Brodzinski (#040)

I often hear complaints that we don’t have enough great leaders in our organizations.

If, as Jerry Weinberg points, leadership is a process of creating an environment where people become empowered let’s focus on how we create and evolve environments we work at.

One issue is the system. W. Edwards Deming famously said that a bad system will defeat a good person every time. Then we should discuss how we build our teams and how it contributes to our goals. Finally, we have organizational culture that is blood of every company and influence all behaviors.

All these bits are inseparably interconnected thus if we want to create an environment where leadership thrives we need to take all of them into account.

I will describe the general concepts behind each of the parts as well as share Lunar Logic story where we practice what we preach. Despite the fact that some of the ideas shared during the session may sound counter-intuitive, we are a living proof that it can be done.

After all, there's no shortage of leaders, only a shortage of companies that let leadership emerge.


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