Wiktor Żołnowski - Beyond Kanban - Continuous Delivery & Single Batch Flow (#036)

So you are already using Kanban and it works great!? Is it enough for you? What will you do next? Do you have any ideas?
I would like to share with you some stories of the organisations which decides to move few steps forward. The decide to implement some technical practices like Continuous Delivery and build their organisational culture around fast feedback and validated learning loops.
It is not only about process. Lets dive deeper and look at some technical practices which will boost your productivity and allow you to implement real fast feedback learning loops into your products and organisations.
What else could you get from Continuous Delivery? The answer could be a “Single Batch Flow” which will decrease the number of your problems with (not so)continuous integration, not verified product quality, deployments which are nightmares and nobody want to do them and lack of value and purpose in that what is delivered by your development team.
And surprise - everything starts from the requirements. Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are possible only if you know how to split your requirements into incremental pieces.


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